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On recalls, Honda goes the extra mile

It took a while for Honda to recognize the scope of its problem with bad Takata airbag inflators, but since it did, the company has led the way in finding affected vehicles and getting their owners to come in for repairs.

Recall process still waiting for repair

Three years after massive recalls engulfed the auto industry, the process for finding vehicle owners and completing the necessary repairs remains disjointed at best, with few reforms to protect the public when the next major vehicle safety crisis…

Continental gains edge with electronics

In this QandA, the head of Continental’s powertrain business discusses how the supplier will respond to the rise of electrified vehicles, and the future of diesels.

ZF executive says partnerships are key

The race to autonomous technology requires a search for new expertise, and an expensive one at that. ZF’s EVP for sales Peter Lake says that time may be more critical than cost at the moment.